EWC Healthcare Executive Mentorship Program

Evolve Women (EW) has partnered with CSweetener, an organization dedicated to matching female healthcare leaders new and near to the C-Suite with industry leaders and innovators who have the knowledge and experience to propel them forward, to offer the women of EW the opportunity to further develop themselves and their professional careers.  CSweetener’s goal is to help build lasting relationships among professionals that help women continue to become the best leaders they can be, whether they have already reached the C-Suite or are rapidly on their way. By utilizing a technology platform that allows for profiling, matching, tracking/scheduling, and virtual meeting capabilities, CSweetener is able to facilitate mentorship opportunities in a simple and seamless manner.

EW and CSweetener both believe that the investment in mentorship opportunities is critical to the success of engaging, educating, and empowering women in STEM careers to have the resources and skills they need to be successful in today’s changing healthcare landscape, and we’re proud to partner together in this effort to benefit you.

To learn more about CSweetener, please click here.

Program Benefits and Development Opportunities

By joining the EW and CSweetener (EWC) Healthcare Executive Mentorship Program, participants will have access to the full suite of service offerings provided by the CSweetener platform, which includes access to the following opportunities:

  • Experienced A-List mentors interested in providing mentorship to emerging and aspiring women C-Suite members
    • A few of our mentors include senior executives from: Johnson & Johnson, MicroHealth, Genentech, Medovation, GE Ventures, Omaha Health, Novartis Ventures, Welltock, HopeLab, Dignity Health, Gilead Sciences, Livongo, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna, Inovio Pharmaceuticals, Stryker and many more.
  • Profile-matching technology to ensure that the right pairings are made between member and mentor
  • Opportunities for one-time or short-term engagement between entrepreneur members and mentors to test compatibility
  • Longer term mentorship pairings when the match is well made and both parties agree that the relationship will have mutual value
  • Scheduling and video conferencing services that make meetings easy to schedule and remove geographical barriers from matching
  • Help identifying the kinds of support you need
  • Resource library of educational and practical materials to create a richer experience

Additionally, women will also have access to a selection of development opportunities provided by EW, including:

  • Membership to the “EW and CSweetener (EWC) Dinner Network,” a membership-only quarterly dinner network  for women who participate in the EWC Executive Healthcare Mentorship Program
  • Access to highly sought after guest speakers that will present at each invite-only EWC Dinner Network event (BYOCC)
  • Access to an exclusive network of healthcare executive women on a regional, and national level

Joining the EWC Healthcare Executive Network Program


  • To qualify for the EWC Healthcare Executive Mentorship Program, women must occupy a position in the healthcare industry.
  • Requirements for mentees and mentors differ slightly, and are outlined below:
    • ○ All women who apply to be a mentee must hold a senior level position or higher within their organizations.
    • ○ All women who apply to be a mentor must hold a C-Suite level position within their organization.  C-Suite level position equivalents also include partner positions, and Vice President positions.
  • To enroll as part of the EWC Healthcare Executive Mentorship Program, women must first apply to act as mentees.  Women who would like to participate in the program may also apply to be both a mentee and a mentor.


  • To sign up as a mentee or a mentor, we ask all EW women to utilize the online CSweetener portals.  By clicking on the links below, you will be directed to a signup page where you are asked to contact CSweetener.  In the message box, please be sure to let CSweetener know that you are applying through the EWC Healthcare Executive Mentorship Program.

Become a Mentee (Necessary first step of participating in the EWC program)

Become a Mentor


  • Participants must pay a onetime donation fee of $250.00 to join the EWC Executive Healthcare Mentorship Program. 
  • The $250.00 fee covers 12 credits (1 credit = 1 mentorship session), which expire at the rate of 1 per month.  Participants have one year to use all credits.  Note: although you have one year you can use as many credits as you would like per month. Sessions are conducted via video conference or phone. You can use the credits as fast or as slow and with as many mentors as you prefer.
  • Donation fees must be paid using CSweetener’s online portal, which can be accessed here.
  • Donation fees cover all program expenses with the exception the EWC dinner network meal expenses.
  • Donations are tax-deductible and contribute to CSweetener’s ability to successfully manage their mentorship platform.
  • Once a receipt is received for your donation fee, CSweetener will send out an invitation to utilize the platform.