Engage. Educate. Empower


Mission Statement:

Evolve Women Foundation is a NFP organization providing a platform of educational, and development programs, for women throughout the stages of a career lifecycle. Our platform includes a specific subset focusing on STEM industries targeting women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. Our goal is to encourage and support women entering and progressing in the workforce. Our objective is to Engage, Educate, and Empower women with the resources/skills to be successful.

  • 52% of Women who graduate with a STEM degree never enter into the field of Science, Technology, Engineering or Math
  • Over 50% of women who receive an undergrad in a STEM field depart the industry within 2 years.
  • Technology Fortune 500 companies workforce consist of 25-27% female employees.
  • STEM leadership consist of less than 18% of females in leadership roles.
  • Nearly 40% of women who earned engineering degrees quit the profession or never entered the field at all.
  • “If current trends continue, by 2018 the information technology industry will only be able to fill half of the ITS available jobs”.

Program Portfolio:

  • Development programs targeted toward specific lifecycles of a woman’s career: Undergrad/Graduate, Young Professional, Mid- Career, Late Career, 2nd ACT
  • Provide best of breed programs through partnerships for education and development for women
  • Educational Forums: Speaker Series, Partnerships with Academic, Corporate Partners, and Organizational Affiliates
  • Development Programs:
    • Career Lifecycle Programs, Workshops, Host Speaker Events, Mentor/Sponsor Programs
    • STEM Focus: Science, Technology, Engineering, Math
    • Partnership with Universities to focus on Undergrad/Graduates to support those entering the workforce.
    • Through partnerships with Universities, establish forums and speaking engagements to educate on career opportunities within STEM across various industries.

In order to meet our goals, The Evolve Women Foundation will initially focus on four areas of programming:

Development and educational programs: The Foundation will design, organize and produce programs, conferences, teach-ins and seminars, in order to provide training, education and support for women in the workforce. These programs may cover targeted issues for each “life-cycle” of a woman’s career as well as specific issues facing women in today’s workplace. The initial focus will be on encouraging, training and supporting women entering STEM areas of expertise.

Scholarship. As part of its mission to encourage women at all stages of their career cycle, Evolve Women, plans to include programs focused on encouraging women to enter STEM areas of the workforce. This would include partnerships with Universities and Secondary Schools to establish forums and speaking engagements to educate women on career and educational opportunities within each area of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math).

Mentoring: The Evolve Women mentoring program will bring together seasoned professionals with early to mid-cycle women in the STEM workplace. Starting in Nashville, Tennessee, where The Evolve Women Foundation is located, we will capitalize on the enormous talent and expertise available in the metropolitan area to start our mentoring programs, with the intent to roll out such programs to other markets. We will provide a forum and guidelines for women seeking mentors to avail themselves of these women and their vast amount of institutional knowledge. In addition, we hope to expand to a program to provide hands-on support and incubation of ideas for women entrepreneurs seeking to start a business, including start-up grants and investments.


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