Development and educational programs:
The Foundation will design, organize and produce conferences, teach-ins and seminars, in order to provide training, education and support for women in the work-force. These programs may cover targeted issues for each “life-cycle” of a woman’s career as well as specific issues facing women in today’s workplace. The initial focus will be on encouraging, training and supporting women entering STEM areas of exper-tise.

As part of its mission to encourage women at all stages of their career cycle, Evolve Women, plans to include programs focused on encouraging women to enter STEM areas of the workforce. This would include part-nering with Universities and Secondary Schools to establish forums and speaking engagements to educate women on career and educational opportunities within each area of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math).

The Evolve Women mentoring program will bring together seasoned professionals with early to mid-cycle women in the STEM workplace. Starting in Nashville, Tennessee, where The Evolve Women Foundation is lo-cated, we will capitalize on the enormous talent and expertise available in the metropolitan area to start our men-toring programs, with the intent to roll out such programs to other markets. We will provide a forum and guidelines for women seeking mentors to avail themselves of these women and their vast amount of institutional knowledge. In addition, we hope to expand to a program to provide hands-on support and incubation of ideas for women entre-preneurs seeking to start a business, including start-up grants and investments.

Marketing and Events:
Evolve Women will host quarterly “Meet-Up” events for networking of women in our portfo-lio of programs. These events will host panelist and guest speakers that specialize in topics of interest to the founda-tion audience. The goal is to provide the women networking opportunities while providing a platform for sessions that will enhance the learning experience with an engaging model for women.

Our Four Focus Areas